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J.E. Hall

J.E. Hall

John Edmund Hall has produced his debut novel after a fascinating career which has given him amazing introductions and insights into the lives of others. 


Working with offenders as a young Probation Officer in Birmingham in the 1970s, he was in north London as a Senior Probation Officer at the time of the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots. Later, he became an Anglican Clergyman and served 9 years as a vicar in Edmonton, London. Subsequently, he served in Coventry, as Diocesan Director for Social Responsibility, where he became the first Chair of the West Midlands Faiths Forum.


He was awarded a PhD at the University of Warwick for his understanding of race and racism. In recent years he has continued to take a special interest in inter-faith relations, especially relations between Christians and Muslims. In 2010 he moved to the East Midlands and whilst Director of the St Philip’s Centre, he was made an Honorary Canon at Leicester Cathedral for his work. 


Currently living in the South West of England, John is Inter-Faith Advisor for the Diocese of Exeter and also, a member of the Ottery St Mary Writers Group. 


He can be contacted at

Flashbacks by J. E. Hall.jpg

Adam Taylor from Muswell Hill, north London, goes on an adventurous solo cycle ride before going to university. It ends unexpectedly. Is his life over? His identity is stolen and Ali Muhammed, an IS terrorist, is sent to London. Can he be stopped? Helping out at a church run Day Centre for migrants, Kaylah Kone naively befriends Ali and is groomed by him. She is worried about her brother Clive, trying to make out in a gang culture of drugs and crime. What will happen to all these characters whose lives are interwoven in a plot to shake the capital? 


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Harry's Games by J.E. Hall John.jpg

A Plymouth by-election in the South West of the UK provides local man Harry McNamara with an opportunity to win a parliamentary seat. Back from a summer in Istanbul he is fired up to send all Muslims back 'home and retake his country, but Harry is not aware of the dark forces in the shadows seeking to help him. A weekend of terrorist incidents gives his faltering campaign an unexpected boost. Can he succeed?

Meanwhile, Adam and Raqiyah, students at Exeter University, are drawn in. Can they, the police and security services change things.

A political thriller set in the context of our time featuring a truly horrid politician trying his luck.

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IStanbul by J.E. Hall.jpg

This is an extremism thriller of our time, a sequel to Flashbacks. Ali Muhammed escapes from London back to Mosul. Pressure on IS increases and his next mission is Turkey and the city of Istanbul. Kaylah Kone has a life changing event and pressure is placed on her to travel to Istanbul to help the security services 'get Ali.' Adam Taylor, still traumatised by events in London becomes an Islamic Studies student at university. An innocent abroad, he ends up on a summer placement with friends in Turkey. These three central characters and those around them are swept up in a story which is impossible to put down and will keep you talking about it long after you have put it down.

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A crisis tests the most resilient individuals. Adam Taylor and his Omani girlfriend Raqiyah Nahari fly to Oman and land straight into trouble. The ruling sultan has died and the army mobilise. Adam, newly engaged as a foreign correspondent finds an opportunity. The couple's plans unravel as the political crisis builds. They flee to the desolate interior. Was this a wise decision? Will they escape with their lives? A contemporary thriller with a fast pace, political intrigue and interfaith love.

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