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P.J. Reed

Haiku Yellow by P.J
Haiku Ice by P.J
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Haiku Nation by P.J
P.J. Reed

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Welcome to Witherleigh by P.J. Reed

'There’s something funny about Witherleigh, it’s just that nobody else has noticed it yet.
Richard Radcliffe has discovered strange goings-on in the sleepy moorland village, missing curates, a collection of peculiar locals and now he’s been warned to get out by one of the few people who appear to be normal.

P. J. Reed’s book hits the spot for me, with plenty of grisly details about the state of life (and death) past and present, in the village.
This is a fast-paced story, I read it quickly; frantically turning the pages, caught up in the haste to find out what happened next. The conclusion is satisfying but set up nicely for a sequel.' by RD

The Murder Monologues

Monologues & Plays

I am always delighted to work with actors from theatre and TV/film production companies as they perform my work so much better than I do!


Therefore. I would like to thank the actors from the following companies for bringing my vision to life Eva's Echo, King's Cross Theatre and Troubadour Theatre.

Welcome To Witherleigh


‘Haven’t you wondered why there is a vacancy at the church?
They killed him.
They’re all in it together.’

Witherleigh is a small village set on the fringes of Exmoor. But quiet places hold deadly secrets. When the new church worker Richard Radcliffe arrives, he expects to find a welcoming but ancient farming community. Unfortunately, he soon realises that something is very wrong in Witherleigh.

Soon Richard is drawn into a centuries old conspiracy involving ancient farming families, witchcraft, and demonry. He joins forces with Bethany Bond, the headstrong daughter of one of the missing curates, who is working undercover at the Bishop’s Nod, the local pub. To find justice for the murdered curates, they must fight for not only their own lives but for the very souls of the missing.

'Just finished your book Welcome to Witherleigh. Excellent.' MM

'Reading this book reminded me of how much I love mystery! When it’s done well and it is done very well here! The author writes well, has a good eye for character and pacing. The story weaves its way into ancient occult circles in sleepy Devon and leads to an interesting twist at its climax. One of my favourite films is the Wickerman and this had a similar mood to it for me. Highly recommended!' NB

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The Fairies of Therwen Wood

Haiku Yellow by P.J. Reed

Haiku Yellow is the first part in a series of haiku collections exploring the four different seasons and looking at how they affect the hedgerows, plants, and animals which inhabit the beautiful Devonian countryside. Above all, Haiku Yellow is a celebration of spring.

'Haiku Yellow is a breathtaking collection of stunning images captured and written in haiku verse from the contemporary English poet P.J. Reed.' 

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Haiku Gold ]by P.J. Reed


Haiku Gold is the third part in my series of haiku collections exploring the four different seasons. Each collection explores how the different seasons affect the woods, fields, hedgerows, plants, and animals which inhabit the beautiful Devonian countryside.

Above all, Haiku Gold is a celebration of autumn. 

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Join Bluebell, the new wish fairy and her magical friends on their exciting adventures in Therwen Wood.

Bluebell has moved to Therwen Wood to help grant wishes to children in the human world.
Unfortunately, her first day does not go at all well. She bumps into a bumblebee carrying a honeypot full of honey for the Queen's special fairy cakes. Then Bluebell accidently turns the Head Wish gnome purple!
The gnome does not believe that Bluebell has what it takes to be a wish fairy.
Can Bluebell prove to everyone in Therwen Wood that she is a good wish fairy?

Reading Information -
Book Type - Chapter Book with black and white illustrations.
Reading Age - Good Readers aged 7+

'These stories are delightful! My children love them!' KJ

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Haiku Ice by P.J. Reed

Haiku Ice is the fourth part in my series of haiku collections exploring the four different seasons. 

This collection explores the magical transformations, discoveries, and interactions with nature as winter tightens her grip over the sleeping landscape.

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Flicker FRont page.png

Flicker is a combination of haiku and senryu, combined and updated for the modern audience. In this collection, P.J. Reed has brought together a series of poetic postcards entwining the ever-changing nature of the Devon countryside with the lives of the people she has met in her travels throughout the county, creating a fascinating representation of humanity and nature.
This collection is beautifully illustrated with colour paintings.

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